D3Sports.com Launches D3Talent Store on Fanraise Because Talent Runs D3ep

Posted on 13 December 2018

Since both founders of Fanraise are former Division 3 athletes, we already knew that D3 athletes are underrated, so when D3Sports.com approached us about hosting a store for D3Talent featuring “Und3r Rated” and “Talent Runs D3ep” for D3 sports, we jumped at the opportunity.

Talent Runs D3ep

Why do we all love D3 sports? I don’t think we could say it better than the creators of the D3Talent movement;

“Division III athletics is often underrated and overlooked. The unseen hours student-athletes put into balancing athletics and academics is second-to-none, emphasizing the mere pride, passion and love they carry for their sport. Whether it’s on or off the field, in the classroom or working full-time, talent truly runs deep among current and former Division III student-athletes.

TALENT RUNS D3EP is a way of embracing successes among the respected student-athletes. Its mission is to nationally unite, enlighten public perception and honor the dedication of Division III athletics.” (Read full story D3Baseball.com)

Tell @D3sports and @TheFanraise on Twitter about how underrated your D3 team was with the hashtag #TalentRunsD3ep on Twitter

D3Sports.com created the designs featured above, with 8 color variations, so you can get the colors you wore while playing D3, and backs featuring logos for D3 football, baseball, basketball and hockey and D3Sports.com.

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